The best place to stay

By staying at Serene Ladakh, you will experience first-hand the rich cultural heritage of the Ladakhi people, coupled with the amenities and comforts of modern living.

Hospitality at its finest

Ladakhis are known the world over for their quiet strength, compassion and hospitality. Our hotel is an extension of these qualities, where guests are welcomed and treated like personal guests of the family.

Your home away from home

By staying with us you will feel like you are visiting the home of an old friend, and indeed that is what we hope to achieve, to make you feel that you are in a home away from home.

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About us

Why Serene Ladakh

Serene Ladakh is just 400 metres away from the intersection of Fort Road and Main Tukcha Road (see map), and a comfortable 15 minute walking distance from the bustling main bazaar of Leh. However, its premises are so quiet and serene that you would feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. All its well furnished rooms overlook either the spectacular snowcapped Stok-Kangri Range or the Kardong La pass.


You will love Serene Ladakh if

You want to experience the traditional Ladakhi hospitality.

You want to stay at a peaceful place nearby the main attractions in Leh town.

You want to combine the warmth of the past with the sophisticated comforts of today.

You want a place to relax after a hard day of exploring an ancient culture.

You are looking for an enchanting travel destination with grand links to the past.